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The Mission Cards is a game that offers players missions to be accomplished in (real life settings). a party, in a weekend adventure, during a trip, over a set of time.

We Deliver Memorable Experiences

Inspire, Spark creativity, Evoke thought, Connect people and Invite them to Play Outside The Box.

Our missions


We offer a complete retail edition if you want to play the mission cards at home:

  • Family Vacation Edition
  • Friend Weekend Edition
  • Birthday Party Edition

Haute Couture Experience

For companies, we animate all kinds of events like :

  • Corporate Culture Creation (seminars, Holiday parties, daily team building… )
  • Private Events (weddings, bachelorettes… )

Those people share our passion

Lightning Society Czech Inspiration Tour

Over 100 missions accomplished by 14 people in a week!

The Mission Cards was a fun and interactive way to make the announcement of the upcoming birth of our daughter a memorable moment. Simon, Hong Kong.

Friend weekend

We brought together 30 people who didn't know each other before. Insert Brad's or Summer's testimony. photo of the people putting their arms up in the air in the lake

I absolutely love the unique concept of Mission Cards. The game keeps you engaged from the moment you begin. I highly recommend it. Mariana, San Diego

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